Hi Gillian! I found you via Domenica Marchetti, who shared your link.

I’m Kate Cone Brancaccio, writer and an American who traveled with my late husband to Verona every year. Patrick taught literature for Colby College (Maine). I hadn’t traveled much until Pat. Raised 3 kids as a single mom, etc.

I haven’t been back to Italy since our last trip in January 2019 but dream of it every day. I’m nervous about traveling alone. (No, no one wants to go with me.) it’s a quest! A hero’s journey! Now I’ve found your substack and know I’ll have a guide.

I have a Substack called The Adventures of Katie O’Folly. No idea how to share a link.

I’d love a post from you on navigating the trains in Italy. Is that too mundane? It would be a good refresher for me and Maybe help others.

Thanks G!

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